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DQS: What is Poverty? (Essay Sample)

How does Jo Goodwin Parker define poverty in “What is Poverty?” (pp. 638-41) What evidence does she offer to support her definition? Does the author's race or gender impact on her definition? Do you agree with her definition? In what ways might your definition of poverty be different? What could you add to her definition based on recent social/ economic events or your own experience? Do you think their (NOT Parker's) race/gender affect their interpretations? What details did they include that you think are necessary and missing from your own definition? source..

What is Poverty?
What is Poverty?
J Goodwin Parker`s essay "What is Poverty?" entails Parker`s personal life in rural poverty. She narrates her story from childhood to adulthood. At every sentence in the essay, she tries to expound on the evidence of her daily struggle in poverty. From her underwear to poor marriage, and everything in between, proofs how parker resided in poverty. She explains her life in an angry tone in order for people to comprehend what it means to live in poverty.
Parker`s definition of poverty starts from the first paragraph and runs throughout the essay. She defines poverty as waking up every morning from dirt, illness-stained mattress. She further continues her definition by pointing out that poverty is living in an everlasting smell that never leaves. She supports her definition by pointing out the various smells in her house. For instance, smell of sour milk; smell of urine; and the smell of spoiled food not forgetting the smell of long-cooked onions.
Her definition of poverty is to some extent influenced by her gender. This is noted when she defines poverty as being polite. She explains how she listened politely to her doctor after giving birth to her last-born. The doctor told her that she had chronic anemia because of poor diet and a bad case of worms. She listened politely without any intervention.
I cannot totally agree to Parker`s definition of poverty. My definition of poverty can be different in the sense that poverty is more than lack of food and other n...
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