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Poverty, Human Rights and Globalization (Essay Sample)

Topic: Poverty, Human Rights and Globalization This is a Research Paper. Instructions are attached source..
According to Nissanke & Thorbecke 7, poverty refers to a state of human condition that is characterized by sustained or chronic deprivation of resources, choices, capabilities, security and power required to maintain an adequate standards of living and economic, civil, cultural, political and social rights. The concept of poverty over the past decades has broadened with increasing concerns on poverty vulnerability, human rights and inequality. Its study has involved various facets such as its causal structure including cultural, political, social, and coercive factors. The study of poverty involves other aspects such as poverty reduction strategies, human rights and their implications for globalization
Globalization of human rights, on the other hand, helps in eliminating poverty by ensuring that people have access to education, health, and freedom from violence, ability to live a dignified life and the ability to exert political influence. Globalization of human rights helps in building interventions in social, economic, political and civil rights leading to achievement of human rights and elimination of poverty. Equality and non-discrimination of human rights ensures that all individuals in any given economy are equal and they are all entitled to their human rights without discrimination of any kind such as color, race, sex, age, ethnicity, language, politics and religion (Arat 1). This paper, therefore, discusses the impacts of globalization towards poverty reduction and recognition of human rights. It also discusses globalization as critical for promoting sustainable development and improving the capacity of the people to address development issues.
Globalization and Poverty
Globalization can be defined as increasing interdependence, as well as integration of economies and its people. The greatest challenge economies face today is integrating globalization as a positive force for all the worlds` people. Integration of globalization will help in reducing poverty in most of the developing nations rather than leaving behind billions of people in squalor. A globalised world leads to more markets, more jobs, more business opportunities, and more information. The globalised economies involving the developed states such as US, East and South East Asia, China and European states have turned into export-based economies (Nissanke & Thorbecke 10).
Over the past decades, a number of concerns have been debated on owing to slow economic growth such as Africa. A number of developmental issues have faced the African continent in the 21st century such as increasing poverty and human rights concerns. Development in Africa has lagged behind other regions of the world such as the western world. For instance, according to World Bank statistics, Africa per capita GDP growth has remained low over the past decades owing to increasing poverty i...
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