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Microeconomic DQS (Essay Sample)

Question 1: Do you think the minimum wage law is an economically efficient means of reducing household poverty? Why or why not?What are some other ways that might be more efficient for this purpose? Suggest two or three viable measures. Question 2:-From an economic perspective, are unions efficient or otherwise? Give reasons for your answer. -What objectives do unions serve? Are there other, more economically efficient, methods to achieve these objectives? What might those methods be? source..
Microeconomic DQS Name Institution Professor Date Microeconomic DQS Minimum wage laws, promoted by many governments, are meant to ensure that people receive a living wage. Minimum wage laws are also meant to ensure people are not living below the poverty line.The effects of the minimum wage laws can best be described by the effects these policies have on employment levels and wealth distribution among households. An increase in the minimum wage levels as both positive and negative implications. An increase in the minimum wage level increases the disposable income available for households. An increase in disposable income improves the living standards...
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