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Povert, Human Rights and Globalization: Moral Factor in World Poverty Eradication (Essay Sample)

Topic: Poverty, Human Rights and Globalization This is in 2 Stages: 1. Essay Proposal.....6 pages 2. Research Paper .....10 pages Both Orders are to be done by the same writer This is a broad topic that links the three issues. You should and can focus and define it more as it gives you some flexibility. You are not just analysing poverty issues, but that they need to be related to human rights within the context of the globalization, such as how the right to basic necessities affected by global actors and institutions source..
Moral Factor in World Poverty Eradication (Your name) (Course instructor) (Course title) (Date of submission) Introduction The crisis in the world poverty has in the long run been accorded high priority on the global perspective. This auspicious development has generated a flurry of studies and discussions with regard to the means or eliminating this debilitating situation in human life. However, government’s pledges for action conventional and theological approaches seem to fail in bearing fruit. This has subsequently resulted into a feeling of rudderlessness in poverty eradication in world enterprises. Institutions and individuals alike ought to operate in tandem so as to effectively solve the world poverty problem. A poor person ought to receive assistance so that his or her dignity, self worth and confidence is upheld. Beyond the realization of individual well being, a person needs to be nurtured so that he may become a source of peace, advantage and happiness in the society and those around him. It is when we consider service to others that human aspect achieves the high expression. Using secondary data, this study is intended to evaluate the link between poverty, human rights and globalization. Basically, this proposal discusses the main sources that will be employed in the study. Methodology In this study, qualitative approach will be used in finding common literature in a partial sampling of the related literature that deals with research objectives. Most of the literature used in this study was accessed from peer-reviewed journals such as Academic Search Premier, Emerald, JSTOR and Business Source Premier. These journals will help us to explore the link between ethics and world poverty eradication. The technique employed in finding these journals includes using key words associated with the topic in searching journal databases. Once the articles were accessed, they were then stratified with regard to the questions which they addressed. Afterwards, analysis of the main themes will be conducted by employing counts of specific key terms. The results will be used to link the aspect of ethics and world poverty eradication. Malk Elke., Schramm Michael, and Klashen Stephen. “Absolute Poverty and Global Justice”. England. Ashgate Publishing Company. 2009. In this book Absolute Poverty and Global Justice, the authors present their arguments concerning the ever-increased number of poor people in the world. Malk et al explain that poverty reduction in the word is possible through addressing global and national inequalities. These inequalities hinder economic development in poor nations as well as individual households. Some of the causes of poverty in developing nations according to these authors include historical issues such as slavery, colonialism, insufficient endowments, faulty social institutions and nations regulations, and flaws in the global order that undermine poverty reduction efforts. In specific, the globa...
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