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Poverty, Human Rights and Globalization 2 (Essay Sample)

Topic: Poverty, Human Rights and Globalization This is in 2 Stages: 1. Essay Proposal.....6 pages 2. Research Paper .....10 pages Both Orders are to be done by the same writer This is a broad topic that links the three issues. You should and can focus and define it more as it gives you some flexibility. You are not just analysing poverty issues, but that they need to be related to human rights within the context of the globalization, such as how the right to basic necessities affected by global actors and institutions source..

Over the past decades, a number of concerns have been debated on owing to slow economic growth, for instance, in Africa. A number of developmental issues have faced African continent in the 21st century such as increasing poverty and human rights concerns. Development in Africa has lagged behind other regions of the world such as the western world. For instance, according to World Bank statistics, Africa per capita GDP growth has remained low over the past decades owing to increasing poverty in the region. Africa represents 10 percent of the world population and 30 percent of the world poor. Research shows that after independence, the total number of poor people in Africa has been increasing, and there are chances of this number increasing by 2015. Out of the five continents, it is only Africa where poverty has increased at an alarming rate thereby attracting debate as to the factors owing to the rise in poverty (Stiglits, 2003). The other concern that needs to be addressed is human rights issues affecting Africa. Norms in Africa over the years have not been applied to improve human rights conditions. All individuals have rights such as rights to own property, right to worship, right to equal employment and right to equal share of country`s resources. Most of these rights have been violated in Africa, therefore, demanding interventions (Ajayi, 2000a). This paper, therefore, discusses global poverty and human rights as critical for promoting sustainable development and improving the capacity of the people to address development issues. This paper, therefore, discusses the impacts of globalization on poverty reduction and on human rights. It, therefore, gives a clear linkage between poverty, human rights and globalization.
Ajayi, S. (2000a). What Africa Needs to Do to Benefit from Globalization? Finance and Development journal Vol, 38(4), 2000), pp.6...
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