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Is A Doll's House a Play About Feminism or Humanism? (Essay Sample)


Many Ibsen critics argue that A Doll's House is not a feminist play, and is more about asserting self, regardless of gender. Yet Joan Templeton, in her afterword to the Signet Classics edition of Ibsen: Four Major Plays Volume I, disagrees, asserting that “Make (Nora) a man, and the play becomes not only ludicrous, but impossible.” What do you think? Is A Doll's House a play about feminism or humanism? Explain.
Use the book "A Doll's House"


A Doll's House, is Feminist Not Humanist
A Doll's House, is Feminist Not Humanist
First published in the year 1879, this is a play that has been quite influential and one that has most of the scholars arguing about the main theme. The two main themes of the poem as interpreted by two schools of thought are that, it is feminist while the other feel that it is humanist. According to Ibsen, the play takes a humanist approach at addressing societal struggles, while Joan Templeton argues that it is largely feminist (Ibsen, 2017).
Looking at the poem, it is clear that it does point out some of the societal struggles that most of the people faced as they struggle to assert their individual identities. However, it is clear, that there is higher element regarding the role th...
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