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Market Control in an organization (Essay Sample)

Market Control is based on the use of pricing mechanisms and economic information to regulate activities within organizations. Please use your own place of business or give an example of one. You will need explain the Market control mechanism. In the paper address the following as it relates to that organization: a. Identify one type of control mechanism (ways controls are applied)used in your selected organization. Each organization or team member will select a different control mechanism. b. Determine the effectiveness of this control mechanism. c. Examine the positive and negative reactions to the use of this control. source..
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The term marketing control may refer to the strategies by which accompany employs as an attempt to attract and retain customers. This may involve various programs in the companies operations that are aimed to achieve the same. If the purpose of such set strategies can not be realized, then the company must look for alternative means which can be deemed effective. Ways that can enhance market control may involve conducting market research on customer needs, economic status, etc (Jim, 2012). This paper evaluates the effects of pricing control mechanism to the American Airline Company.
The Effect of the Pricing Mechanism as a marketing Strategy in American Airline lines
American Airlines or simply AA is considered to be the second largest in the world (Kons, 2004). As a way of attracting customers, the firm initiated a unique marketing program in 1981 where it offered its customers “unlimited first-class travel for life”. In this program, customers who had purchased a ticket could travel with a companion of his or her choice for half of the price paid initially. This offer caused excitement among customers who had money and many were seen travelling frequently in order not to be left behind from the cut price. Although this system attracted more customers to the airline, it caused a huge monetary loss to the company. Due to this, the company officials terminated the offer which had almost brought the airline to its knees (Adams, 2012).
The airline however designed another marketing ploy in an attempt to increase its revenues. In this new system, the company restructured the routes of their flights and concentrated on the ones with more customers. It also entered into agreements with other major airlines to ensure that customers were ferried in the place they did not reach. This meant that they acted as agents of those other airlines and ...
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