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Demonstration speech How to Ride a Motorcycle Essay (Essay Sample)


Instructor: Mutschler Demonstration SpeechDescription: Write and delivera-^—^minute speech that demonstrates how to~dO~SOmething.Content: 30 points
Teach the class how to do something NEW.
Choose a topic to which you feel connected and about which you feel passionate, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic.
Incorporate a personal story
Include at least one tip
Include at least one fun/interesting fact
Incorporate audience participation throughoutOrganization: 30 points
Use of an advanced organizer - set expectations and meet them throughout the speech with verbal cues
Balanced approach to content
;6 no dead spaces during the demo gE Allocating time appropriately . o Moving on if something is taking too longDelivery: 30 points
Poise: Appears calm and confident; avoids distracting behaviors (e.g, rocking, touching hair or face, etc.)
Voice: Speaks clearly; uses a volume right for the space; speaks conversationally; avoids fillers like “um” or “so”
Life: Expresses emotion and interest using the voice -vocal variety
Eye contact: Looks at each member of the audience; holds eye contact for a few seconds
Gestures: Uses hand movements (even when not demonstrating); has an expressive face; moves
Speed: Uses appropriate ■ speed (not too fast, not tocn slow); uses pauses for I effect
Props: Has an effective I plan for using a prop and demonstrating Some part of the process
Time within 15 seconds
*A11 delivery cues must be marked ON speechMeeting all deadlines and use of class time: 10 points
Topic brainstorming
Audience Interviews
Topic selection
Rough Draft
Timed practices/practice logTURNING IN THE SPEECH:
You must turn in a copy of your speech - speeches can either be written/delivered using the manuscript method OR the extemporaneous method
Total Points: 100 assessment pointsLate speeches will not be accepted unless specific arrangements have been made with the teacher prior to or following an extenuating circumstance. Late speeches will be marked down 10% on the first day. Speeches past one day late WILL NOT be accepted and a o will be given.


How to Ride a Motorcycle
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Learning the basics of motorcycle operation is as interesting and amazing as learning how to drive. Both of these things will be slightly intimidating for you in the beginning, but once you have started riding the bike with care and caution, the learning process will become less intimidating. It would be great to buy adequate safety gear once you have found the type of motorcycle you actually want to ride. For example, you can get yourself a well-fitting helmet and have to ensure that insurance and licensing have been done. If you are ready to get started, you have to remember a couple of things in order to avoid any problem or confusion.
Thorough Inspection Is Required
A thorough or proper inspection is needed before you hit the road. For this purpose, you can check the guide or the menu that might have been given to you along with the motorcycle. What you have to ensure is that the condition of your bike is good, wheels and tires are new, lights (including headlights, mirrors, turn signals and battery) are working properly and controls (including pedal, hoses, throttle, cables, and levers) are functioning well. You also have to check the oil fluid level, the frame, chain, suspension, and stands. Inspection must be done on a regular basis; this is especially good

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