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Act of kindness (Essay Sample)

Write an essay about an act of kindness that you did for someone. source..

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(February 16, 2012)
Acts of Kindness
I met the greatest Hero of my life on that day. It was an incredible honor I never imagined coming across in my life. Hi name was Fox Michael. I met fox`s father, Tweed five days ago, while I was undertaking one of my break coffee from the Bicycle kindness Ride for Heroes. Michael`s father asked me if was able to approach and have a word with his daughter. Before Tweed could finish his request, my mind was already concluding that either his son had had a problem with drug use resulting from pear group influence or he was having a hard at the school. Nevertheless, it was not what fox father wanted me to talk to his son.
At any place, I was during the course of the day, was trying as much as could to make myself as visible as I could to many people. The kindness Bus was a guerrilla marketing tool advanced. A t the same time, the Bicycle extols the cost for the issue it represented. At that time was wearing a jersey of highly self explanatory. As I was at the restaurant or the coffee shop, I picked a table that every citizen was walking by and strategically placed my literature in full view trying as much as I could to have more conversation with a large number of people. Tweed came in first because he was in the line near my table. He began by asking me if I could confront his son and have a word with him. Tweed explained to me more that his son was a marine corporal and was at Balboa Hospital Naval. Within a second of time, I had an answer for that man. I requested him to give me his son`s cell phone number, and soon after we had a conversation.
Fox was a true Hero. In mid twenties, he was more patriotic than most citizens were in whole lives. That man had decided to become a marine with an intention of protecting the freedom of people in their nation. He wanted people to live the life they stay right down to being able to order some triple vent skinny mocha as well as complaining about it in case it a pears not perfect.
We met some few days ago, and it was nearly nine weeks, since Fox accidentally stepped on an explosion improvised devise. This happened while the man was in Afghanistan during his usual patrol. Unfortunately, Fox lost both legs below knees. Michael was amazingly upbeat unlike many surgeries that later and now were learning to walk again with two prosthetic legs. ...
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