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Animal Story (Essay Sample)

I am a teacher candidate and I need a story for grade 3 students they story should me narritave and nonnarritave .. they story will be about any animal ,, and the vocabulary suits grade 3 students. please notify that the student will be for second language students. source..

Animal Story
Why the Elephant has a Long Trunk
A long time ago, all the animals of the land lived together as one large family with the lion acting as the king. The lion led his kingdom with such courage and wisdom that all the animals of the forest not only respected him but also loved him very much. The animals did everything in unity since they were a family. There were no fights or quarrels between them. During the day, they would go work together and then in the evening each would go back home. The birds would fly to their nests, the water animals would go back to the river and those who lived in holes would go back to their holes on the ground.
During the day when the animals were out working, there had to be someone to be left behind to take care of their children. After a long discussion on how to go about this, the animals agreed that they would do it in turns, such that every animal had a day to remain with the young ones. This went on for a long time and the animal kingdom had such a happy time.
During one summer night, the elephant`s wife delivered a young, handsome elephant calf. He had such a lovely face and beautiful eyes. There was joy in the whole of the animal kingdom because elephant and his wife had stayed for along time without a child. The elephant`s calf grew up with the other animals` young ones. However, he was very bad mannered. Due to his size which was bigger than any other animal, he would bully the other young ones when their parents were away.
The young ones of the animals complained to their parents about the harassment by the elephant calf. The other animals approached the elephant and asked him to teach his son to be well mannered. However, due to the great love that elephant had for his son, he always defended him saying that it is the children of the other animals that started the fights. This made the other animals very angry.
The young elephant`s bad behavior went on for along time. When he reached the age of 5 years, father and mother elephant wanted to honor their son with a big feast. They invited all the animals to a party where there would be a lot of food and drink. During the evening, there would be a singing and dancing competition where the winner would be given a precious gift. This feast attracted many animals from all corners of the kingdom. They ate and made merry, sending messages of goodwill to the young elephant who sat at the edge of the table with all kinds of gifts.
The time for the singing and dancing competition came and all the animals prepared themselves. The birds chirped, zebras brayed, lions roared, antelopes bleated and the wild dog barked. However, everyone went silent and listened to a very sweet voice that sounded like a trumpet. All eyes turned on the young elephant, who was singing at his loudest. His voice was so sweet that all the animals looked at him with admiration. He acted with such pride as he went on wit...
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