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Communication Skills: the speaker and the audience (Essay Sample)

Public speaking involves two roles: the speaker and the audience. Using the following scenario, answer the question in a minimum of two paragraphs. You are presenting at a professional conference related to your degree. Twenty-two people are in attendance, and you have worked hard preparing your 45-minute talk. You notice that one of the attendees has a book in front of his face and appears to be reading, four others are texting, one is showing another the screen on her Smartphone, someone is eating from a chip bag, and two more in the front row are whispering to each other. As the speaker, what are you thinking and feeling because of the behavior of some audience members? Identify possible reasons for the audience's behavior. Should an audience pay attention to a speaker regardless of the speech and/or topic, or it is the speaker's responsibility to earn the audience's attention? Explain your reasoning. source..

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Communication is the exchange of information between two or more parties. Public speaking is one of the most common forms of communication. For the communication process to be considered complete, the sender of the information must receive a feedback from the receiver. In this case, it appears that the audience is not paying attention as a majority are occupied with other activities. It is frustrating for the speaker when he realizes that more than half of the audience is not paying attention. The speaker also feels demoralized to continue with the speech owing to the fact that the audience is not paying attention. The action of the audience serv...
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