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Cybercrime Security Threat: Healthcare Data Breaches (Essay Sample)


A topic relating to a recent Cybercrime Security Threat (one that has occurred between 2010 and 2017). The cover page (if you include it) and the reference page (which you MUST include) do not count in the minimum page requirement. The purpose of the paper is to recommend changes needed to enhance security. Outside research is required for this assignment.
• To complete this paper:
First, select one of the following areas to research: Medical, Chemical, Governmental, Energy, Financial Services, Communications and Transportation companies
Second, gather data on breaches of security in that field. Specifically, collect monthly news articles, academic journals articles, or online sources (except Wikipedia) relating to a security breach that resulted in tangible losses.
Third, include the following in your briefing paper:
o Laws or regulations violated
o Political or ethical issues raised; that is, how was the situation handled as a disaster recovery operation
o Financial and human impact in measurable terms of, for example, financial loses, jobs lost etc.
o Nature of events and types of threats that occurred and the vulnerability that led to the events and their duration


Cybercrime Security Threat
Student's Name
Cybercrime Security Threat
In recent years, there have been numerous cases of healthcare data breaches that have grown both in size and frequency. The largest of these issues have impacted as many as eighty million people worldwide. Data breaches involved in healthcare typically expose highly sensitive information from personally identifiable information that includes Social Security information, names and also addresses which are highly sensitive (Hasib, 2014). Such information contains Medicaid ID numbers, health insurance information and also the medical histories of patients.
The motives behind cyber-attacks on healthcare companies are typically clear as they include health insurance institutions, pharmacies, urgent care clinics, and numerous other healthcare providers. These enterprises typically maintain records of their clients and patients, which are highly valuable and hackers and data breaches usually target them for identity theft which is more rampant than any other industry. The focus of the paper will include an assessment of the data breaches in healthcare and the laws and regulations violated will also be analyzed. Additionally, the impact associated with this type of breach will be analyzed.
Laws violated and analysis of data breaches
The global estimates regarding cybercrime currently highlighted that cybercrime and all associated activities costs above forty billion dollars yearly. This issue costs the U.S alone, over four billion dollars annually. Cybercrime has become a highly complex and challenging issue and it consists of numerous communication devices especially in a specific network (Hasib, 2014).
Newkirk Products Inc. is a service provider in healthcare threat provides healthcare identification cars for a health insurance plan which includes numerous Blue Cross Blue Shield branches. The institution in 2016 began notifying over three million individuals concerning the large data breach (Snell, 2016). During this year, an unauthorized individual unauthorized access toward a server that contained names mailing addressed member and group identification numbers and also their Medicaid information which was highly harmful to the institution (Abel, 2016).
The intruders exploited the weakness within the administrative portal of their third-party software on their single isolated server, then acquired unauthorized access towards their system. Even though the health data security was not at risk since no health plan system was accessed, this was highly negative for the organization as their entire firewall system had been compromised from this hacking attempt (Abel, 2016).
Another healthcare enterprise that has been affected by this type of cybercrime is Banner Health. This enterprise in 2016 indicated that the breach involved hackers acquiring unauthorized access towards the essential patient and client information. This also included their payment card information. The affected individuals were almost over two million as these included patients, food and beverage consumers, medical practitioners and also health plan members (Snell, 2016). The breach was termed as one of the most significant breaches for a health institution in 2016. The hackers gained access towards the point-of-sales system of Banner Health mainly at its food and beverage outlets within its facilities. This is similar to most attacks suffered by other institutions in the hospitality sector. Banner Health also did not effectively segregate their systems and beverages that had personal and sensitive information and health information which was protected, from those it utilizes in its point-of-sale system (Webb & LLP, 2016).

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