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Personality Paper (Essay Sample)

Assignment: This is your opportunity to critically examine yourself and sharpen your skills of self-awareness. Using two theories of your choice, interpret your personality and evaluate your personality development. Your theories must be from two different general perspectives (e.g., psychodynamic, humanistic/existential, positive psychology, close relationships, etc.). **You cannot use the Big 5 on this assignment** View yourself through the eyes of the corresponding theorists and summarize how they would explain your personality. For both of the perspectives you choose, write a 1-3 page analysis of your personality. Choose your words wisely because points will be deducted if your entire paper is less than 2 single-spaced pages. Try to use a page for each concept. Your paper must be thoughtful, concise, and typewritten. In your analyses, integrate at least 5 concepts from each theory, and boldface those words in the text of your paper the first time you use them. Define each concept. Explain how each concept applies to your personality, and provide examples of them. You will be graded according to the following criteria: The book used for this class is The Personality Puzzle by David C. Founder 6th Edition (This can be used as one of the sources) Use additional sources as needed to back up information used throughout the paper. source..

Personality covers several characteristics that are found within a person. The psychology of personality views the patterns of feelings, behavior and thoughts that enables a person to be unique. In addition, as personality occurs from within a person, it keeps consistency throughout life. There are different theories that explain distinctive aspects of personality. Some of the theories explain the development of personality, while other focus on the differences of individuals in personality (Funder, 2012). These theories are generated from different general perspectives from the theorists. The theories are helpful in personal evaluation, interpretation of personality development, as well as building self- awareness. There would be a personal evaluation of personality in the perspective of Positive psychology as well as that of humanistic- existential.
The perspective of positive psychology shows the importance of living positively. The individuals who have not looked into it refer to it as New Age-y or pop psychology. The exact theory explaining positive psychology was defined by Martin Seligman as well as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in the year nineteen ninety eight. The theory views all the features of the psychology of a person. Before the existence of this perspective, psychology was always based on the negative things that affected people and where the lives of people have gone wrong, as well as the results of the negativity. Fortunately, the positive psychology covers about people’s happiness and the ways in which they should achieve inner happiness, as well as the well-being of individuals (Compton & Hoffman, 2013).
The positive psychology was developed through evaluation of the people who live a happy life. The report of the evaluation showed that these people lived a simpler life free from all the ailments that are caused by stress. This evaluation, which is done by the positive psychology practitioners, helps them to learn the things that keep these people positive so that they may help other individuals in gaining the same state of happiness. Being brought up from a poor background and without adequate level of education, I always had low self-esteem, undermined myself even where effort was evident. This caused so much grief inside and there was no effort of putting enthusiasm in anything. Being unhappy was the order of the day as there was no reason for rejoicing. The kind of life I lived was full of questions that contained blames and bitterness, as there was not any sign of positivity in life. After, attending several counseling sessions, realization came that everyone needs to put an effort of viewing the most positive side of every situation.
One of the basic aspects of positive psychology is positive thinking. People may surround themselves with a wonderful lifestyle and jovial people that may seemingly lead to a path of happiness, ...
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