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Deductive and Inductive Arguments (Essay Sample)

For the third Case Assignment, your task is to write a 1-3 page essay in which you address the following case scenario: Suppose that you are working as a nurse in an emergency room. A patient, Edward (age 64), enters the emergency room. The patient says to that “All nurses like to draw blood from patients. You are a nurse. Therefore, I know that you are going to want to draw blood from me, even if it isn't necessary”. There are two parts to this assignment: (A) Explain whether the patient is using deductive reasoning or inductive reasoning to make his argument. Justify your selection. B) Respond to Edward's argument using inductive reasoning. Justify why you would be making an inductive argument rather than a deductive argument. source..
DEDUCTIVE AND INDUCTIVE ARGUMENTS Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (09, October, 2010) Deductive and Inductive Arguments Whether the patient is using deductive reasoning or inductive reasoning to make his argument The patient is using deductive argument .The premises, 1. "All nurses like to draw blood from patients." 2. "You are a nurse." Guarantee the truth in the conclusion which is, "Therefore, I know that you are going to want to draw blood from me, even if it isn't necessary." As it has been seen the truth has already been contained in the conclusion. The reasoning provided here is from the general to specific. The patient Edward generalizes the behavior of all the Nurses to be drawing blood from the patients. In this case the argument, it shows that the truth of the conclusion is guaranteed in relation to the premises. The argument is deductive because it can guarantee its conclusion. From the on set, it can be implied that the premises can be converted into the form that uses, "if-then statement." (Zarefsky, 2002) In order to understand deductive reasoning it is required to understand that deductive arguments contains a premise that is a truth functional statement. In this case it is true that the person that Edward is addressing is a Nurse, h...
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