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Early Childhood Education: Montessori Method (Essay Sample)


For journal 2 assignment, teacher's comment is "You have accurately outlined the contributions of two philosophers or theorists and the ongoing societal or historical changes that occurred during this time period were briefly discussed. You have also integrated their ideas with your own educational perspective. You have briefly reflected on your own social or educational history, however, please try to connect your experiences more deeply. Lastly, you have provided additional sources, which add to the overall content of your journal.


Educating Children
Educating Children
Growing up as a child, I had the chance to be brought up by parents that were highly educated and valued the element of self-actualization. Neither my father nor my mother was limited in their approach to getting one's goals achieved. None of my brothers or sisters were treated differently. We were all considered equal and everyone had their own unique styles and processes and my parents understood this; that every other person in the family had their way of establishing what they wanted to achieve in life and they had the power they needed to achieve it. My parents would simply offer the tools for everyone to follow their dreams. It is for this reason that we all take different courses in our professional careers, given that, none of us had the imposition from our parents, an element that was quite common in our generation. My parents believed that anyone should be in a position to direct their lives in the best way that they felt would fulfill their dreams (Blumenfeld, 2010). In one of the common statements by my father, he always insisted that, unlike their generation, we have the power to choose careers that align with our beliefs and aspirations and most importantly our passion. As such, we were always encouraged to seek growth at a personal level and as social beings other than seeking careers that were associated with monetary rewards. His approach was very simple whenever one asked for advice; what makes you happy? Pursue what makes you happy and the money will follow, but never start with the money in mind because you are likely to be very frustrated later on in life (Blumenfeld, 2010).
As such, following in the advice and the direction of my parents along with hundreds of reviews on what makes a good job, I choose to use the humanist approach to always make my choices. This has also highly been reflected in my approach to teaching children and guiding them through the knowledge acquisition processes. Every other child should be given the chance to follow their dreams without fear and intimidation. What is going to work for one child is not always going to work for the next. Different children have different temperaments and even learning processes. To achieve this level of specificity, it is important that as a teacher one is able to provide the right environment to enhance the learning process of each and every child (Blumenfeld, 2010). The child should be supported at the personal level where they can be able to express their needs and aspirations. The education systems, have for the longest times condemned the children that do not show an aptitude for the formalized methods of learning and even the syllabus. However, gone are the days where children could only flourish in the formal sectors. It is now common for example, for people to quit their jobs and start YouTube channels, shooting videos for vlogs on their passion and making millions while having fun. A child does not have to become a doctor, pilot or engineer to make it in life. Every child as such should be accorded the right environment so as to enhance their dreams and find their path in life. They should find what makes them happy and pursue it without regarding their gender, mental capabilities, and physical abilities. No one should dictate to a child, including their parents or teachers what they can achieve with their lives; they alone should decide how high they want to raise their lives and challenge themselves to achieve it. The only role that guardians should play in creating the enabling environment for the children to achieve their goals (Blumenfeld, 2010).
Montessori Method and interaction with Children
This is a method that was initially developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. It...

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