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Leadership, Dr. Chris Kemper (Essay Sample)

Hi, Below is the instruction. Pleae read it carefully. Total page are 9. one for 2pages summary and 7 pages for the interview essay. Reference dont count. Thanks Task 1/ In preparation for your final Leader Interview paper, in a narrative format, develop a list of twelve thoughtful questions that embrace the concepts presented in the literature. Please include whom you will be interviewing and why you want to ask these questions. You will use these questions to interview your leader. Below are the link: (2 pages summary) this is separate from the paper on Task #2 but it must same leader that you are interview on Task #2 Leadership questionshttp://michaelhyatt(dot)com/20-questions-to-ask-other-leaders.htmlhttp://humanresources(dot)about(dot)com/od/leadership/a/leader_question.htm Task 2/ Choose a leader from your professional life whom you would like to interview. Conduct an interview of 45 minutes or less with this individual. We strongly recommend that you choose someone with whom you ordinarily do not have contact. We also suggest that you aim high! For example, you may interview the CEO of your organization or the president of a charitable non-profit or the author of a published leadership book. This is your opportunity to use your student status to meet and talk with someone you have admired from afar! Your questions for your interviewee should focus on leadership qualities that either you or your leader identify. (Please do NOT include your questions in the body of the paper.) You must highlight the essence of your leader's statements, using them to address leadership innovation, emotional competence, crisis management, spirituality, change and conflict, leading teams, and transformational coaching. The interview statements must be supported by the literature, both from the text and from other appropriate scholarly references. Task 3/ Write a paper of at least 7 pages. For this paper, an abstract is not required.. The paper must adhere to APA 6th Edition guidelines. This includes both grammar and formatting. Failure to do so will result in a decrease in grade. Leader Interview Grading Rubric Content—Does the paper address each of the following and utilize the literature to appropriately support points made? 3 points each = 24 points1. Leadership innovation2. Ten principles for leaders3. Emotional competence4. Crisis management5. Spirituality6. Change and conflict7. Leading teams8. Transformational coaching source..

Leadership, Dr. Chris Kemper
Professor Name:
(June 20, 2012)

Leadership, Dr. Chris Kemper
Leadership is complex with diverse definitions. The common aspect that appears in all the definitions is the presence of a leader and followers. The processes of leading inspire the followers willingly. Research has indicated that all the people are leaders in one way or another (Hyatt, 2009). Leaders keep on learning from one another, technological developments is driving at changing world with changing roles of the leaders, meaning that leadership is dynamic in nature. Hyatt (2009) argues that the best model of growing leaders is through asking questions.
Hyatt (2009) continued to support his arguments through an interview performed by Michael Smith from the ClearView Baptist Church on Leadership. Michael started by introducing himself and his aspirations of growing as a leader in sabbatical projects. Michael was interviewing leaders from different professions, and was thoroughly prepared with defined and thoughtful set of leadership questions.
Thoughtful Questions on leadership
Define leadership, and which are the core challenges faced by leaders in the modern world?
How do you ensure sustenance of inspiration in the Director of Physician Services California as the association expands with time?
Creative thinking is core for organizations, how is it enhanced in Director of Physician Services California?
Identify the sources of great ideas in Director of Physician Services California?
Vision, Mission and core Values are critical in any organization, how do you ensure that the three cultivate the best organizational culture?
Identify how effective communication is enabled in Director of Physician Services California?
Leadership entails making choices with the view of mutual benefits of the employees and the organization, how is it observed in Director of Physician Services California?
Social networking sites, taking examples of facebook and twitter has influenced modern leadership, how has it influenced your leadership?
Developing new leaders is critical for any organization sensitive in sustenance, how do you identify and develop future leaders?
Which are the practices and principles that you apply to ensure personal development and growth as a leader?
Change is inevitable, how do you incorporate change in Director of Physician Services California to bring out the best leadership models?
Identify the influence of innovation, emotional competence, spirituality, crisis management, coaching and teamwork in Director of Physician Services California?
Leadership is abroad topic impacting on day to day activities in making decisions and choices. Leadership is innate as well learnt with time (Scrivener, 2009). Human resources have the responsibilities of developing leaders through impacting on leadership skills. Leadership gears at leadership of brands and ensures that sustai...
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