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My Dream Basket: To Become A Pro Basketball Player (Essay Sample)


Writing a personal narrative three to five paragraph introduction body conclusion assay.
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My Dream Basket
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I have realized that having dreams is a great way of planning the future of someone's life. Dreams are the key contributing factors that determine the kind of decisions that a person makes at the early age of their career life. Whenever making plans for my dream, I have always considered the benefits that I would get from pursuing such a dream.
Initial Dream
Initially, I wanted to become a pro basketball player. I am a huge fan of sports and, therefore, this makes me admire the efforts that most of the largest basketball players put in the field to ensure that they emerge winners. Basketball is associated with a lot of enthusiasm that keeps the human body focused on success. Given the fact that basketball players have to do a lot of practice to be able to beat their opponents, then it means that they do not have much time to idle around. At the time when I wanted to become a basketball player, avoiding bad company was one of my reasons for pursuing the dream. I figured out that most of the time would be spent doing something constructive in the field and, therefore, I would not have time to spend with friends who had a bad influence on my life. This would have been a great breakthrough towards my success and control my life.
In addition to the basketball dream, I also admired the fancy lifestyles of the players. This meant that they were making good money out of that career. Every human being wishes to live a good life whereby they are able to meet their needs without having to depend on other people's money. Hence, I knew that after joining a basketball team, I would work my career to the top to earn a substantial amount of money. As a result, th

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