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"A Dream Deferred" by Langston Hughes (Essay Sample)


One example of poetry A Dream Deferred” by Langston Hughes


Poem Analysis
Poem Analysis
A Dream Deferred” by Langston Hughes
What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore--And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over--like a syrupy sweet? Maybe it just sags like a heavy load. Or does it explode?
“A Dream Deferred” is a poem where the persona strives to answers questions regarding a deferred dream. Hughes uses images, similes, and metaphors to emphasize imagination when the reader concentrates on every stanza. Besides, the poet uses diction, tone and figurative language to show the adverse effects that a person experiences when denied a chance to achieve his dream (Spacey, 2017).
“A Dream Deferred” is a poem with eleven lines that do not show consistency in the rhyme scheme. The scheme entails abcdbefeghh. In the first stanza, the poet uses quatrain, followed by the couplet which has no rhyme. The last stanza of the poem reveals a question; Or does it explode? Thus, the persona suggests that there is no question answered in the whole verse especially the first question of the poem (Spacey, 2017).
The poem has end-rhymes which glue the lines to solidify the stanzas as well as the whole poem. Thus, it helps to reinforce the message of the persona and makes the reader remembers all the stanzas. For example, so sun/run,

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