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Analysis Of Movies That Portray The American Dream (Essay Sample)


Assignment Details
You need to write the first half of your research paper (about 5 pages) here.
The research project represents the culmination of the objectives, contents, assignments, and skills covered throughout the Connections II course. In this assignment, you will write and submit multiple, related mini-assignments at various stages of the writing process before submitting your final draft of 10-12 pages at the end of the semester. While topics may vary widely depending on individual interest and angle, each of you will choose one topic and film not assigned in class (in consultation with the instructor) that relates the financial crisis or Great Recession and post-2008 American filmmaking. The primary outcome of your research project is to produce an extended, logical, and evidence based essay that introduces an interesting question or issue raised by your topic; presents an original, central claim that addresses or attempts to answer the question; develops an argument logically through detailed textual analysis, good reasons, and incorporation of relevant scholarly research; uses research to alternately support, expand on, contradict, and/or establishes a specific context for situating your ideas so that they are meaningful and involve clear stakes/implications; and builds toward a satisfying, reasonable conclusion for your argument.


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The American Dream Can Be Achieved by Individuals Who Exercise Hard Work, Independence, Courage, Determination, Creativity, and Diligence


Individual achievement is dependent on society and how conducive their environment is to support their growth. Most importantly, the achievement of the American dream is not by chance, but rather through hard work, independence, courage, determination, creativity, and diligence. People have varied opinions on what they believe is an achievement of the American dream. The certain individual believes that becoming rich is an achievement while others believe in equality and fairness in society. Regardless, these versions depend on the qualities stated to accomplish the American dream. The paper aims at discussing the American Dream by analyzing films that portray the accomplishment of the dream as well as the factors that make it difficult for individuals to achieve their version of the American Dream.

Overview of the American Dream

The American dream can be considered to be a notion that describes that every individual, regardless of their social class or race, can be able to be successful in a society that supports their success. The American dream is highly dependent on the government since it has the responsibility to enforce laws which support a society with equal opportunities, fairness, and liberty. This means that apart from having the qualities of an individual who can achieve the American Dream, the government should also ensure that its people have economic and political freedom together with laws that protect their rights equally (Bush and Bush 183).

Analysis of Movies that Portray the American Dream

The Pursuit of Happiness Summary

The movie by Chris Gardner dwells around his life story as a homeless single father struggling to raise up his son in San Francisco (Gardner 11). In the movie, Gardner goes through multiple hardships starting from his divorce with his first wife Sherry, the loss of all his investments in medical equipment, unemployment, eviction and eventually, homelessness. Despite his hardships, Gardner manages to get a job at a brokerage firm, and eventually start his own company. Regardless of the challenges Gardner faced, hard work and determination enabled the single father to achieve his goals.

Gardner’s Characteristics

From the start of the movie, Chris was determined to pursue the American dream. After putting much thought into it, Chris decided to let go of his career as a physician and venture into selling medical equipment instead. Gardner was courageous enough to venture into a business that he had no experience in and more so, a business that his wife would not approve of. He showed much creativity by designing portable bone density scanners which were better than X-Rays, however, Gardner did not sell as many equipments as intended. The low sales led to bankruptcy and unemployment. Gardner’s ability to raise his child on his own despite his hardships was a clear portrayal of independence. His determination to rise up again drove him down an unexpected path of brokerage. Eventually, Gardner was able to secure a job at the firm and start his own company in the long run.

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a film narrated by Nick Carraway, a young man with ambitions of building his fortune as a bond salesman. Nick’s neighbor, Gatsby, is a wealthy individual who holds weekly parties at his huge mansion with the aim of attracting one special guest, Daisy Buchanan (Fitzgerald 13). Jay Gatsby was raised in a poor homestead, but at the age of seventeen, managed to interact with Dan Cody, who taught him valuable lessons on how to change his current situation. ...

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