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Alexander graham bell Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


-Highlight contributions to Canadian history and society
-Conclude with 2 sentences that sums up YOUR impression of the person
- minimum 3 references
-recommended use of headings to organize material under them


GNED 105 ASSIGNMENT TWO: A Canadian Profileypstructions :
S Research the topic -on the ticket given to you in class.
S Make a 3-4 page report, with iriinimum 3/ references. >
S It is highly recommended that you use headings to organize the
S Highlight the contribution1) 1 to lCâi^a(â’i^n'.. hast.qry and society of the person or or^khii^^tfeâ’.i you,' havèr* been assigned.
Conclude with two sentences which sums up YOUR impression of this person or organization.
S Post electronically under Assessment/Assignment, Two.This assignment is worth 100 marks and represents 20% «of your overall course mark. Your due date will be given in class.


Alexander Graham Bell
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Alexander Graham Bell was an American inventor accredited mostly for owning intellectual property to the first telephone. He also made an impact on science and engineering grounds but preferred to be entitled as simply a teacher of the deaf. Alexander Graham Bell was a very important person because he made a lot of contributions to the society and history of Canada.
Contributions to Canadian history and society of the person
As a young man, Bell showed interest in the family elocution job and his prowess impressed many. He began his work of teaching deaf-mutes at a very young age which he juggled while studying and maneuvered through job offers with ease in a manner that impressed many (Gresvenor & Wesson, 2016). At about eleven years though, he and a neighbor friend would invent a tool able to remove wheat husks marking his first of many attempts in the invention platform. Inspired by his mother's hearing-impaired condition, Bell could not help but try his effort on means to aid his mother and other deaf-mute pupils (Unknown, 2019).

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