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essay2 (Essay Sample)


I need a writer who can understand Chinese. He needs to find 2-3 Chinese local advertisements as examples (finally put the advertisement link on the last page.
At the same time, I was looking for an academic article to support the essay he was about to write. He needs at least one reference from the article he has found himself, and copies the article on the last page of essay. Other references will use the article I uploaded, and the number of references will be at least the same as example essay2.
Finally, write this essay according to the essay 2 example I uploaded. If you still have questions, contact them in time. The request for essay is a picture.
i mean writer need to find the ad as example to use in the essay, also the article which i uploaded and he find, will be use as support idea. if he did not understand pls read the example essay. i need him to write the essay smilar to example


Chinese Ad Analysis
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The history of Chinese advertising is traced back to the Song dynasty when simple words, phrases, colors, and signs were used to promote goods and services. In the 1930s and the 1940s, advertising became a dynamic and well-versed industry in Shanghai, with American, Canadian and European advertising agencies and companies showing an interest in Chinese markets (Mooij, 2001). Prior to World War II, no one in China knew much about how to market products and how to target global customers using a number of ads. In 1949, the Chinese Communist Party took office and stressed the need to strengthen the economy without advertising. At the time of Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), no commercial advertisements existed, except for a limited number of brands promoting foreign products. It's safe to say that Chinese advertising has experienced exponential development in the last few years. Today, more and more foreign companies show an interest in introducing their products to Chinese markets. In 1979, the country opened its door to the outside world, and since then, a lot of television commercials and print advertisements have been made.
In one way or the other, Chinese advertisements let the world know how rich cultural and traditional values of this country are. Chinese art and culture are marked by an unusual degree of continuity. The various cultural themes depicted in Chinese advertisements are family and friends, agriculture, and the relationship between individual and society. In the first theme, known as family and friends, people are introduced to the idea that relationships are far better and more important than anything else (Weiss). A large number of advertisements are made in this regard; the second theme is agriculture. The economy of China largely depends on wet rich agriculture, and this technique is introduced to the locals through a variety of advertisements. Thirdly, the relationship between individual and society is strengthened by both local and multinational brands, which use television commercials and printe

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