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EVPP 432-001. Energy profile of Oregon state. Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


**number of pages is 4(not including the reference page in the end)
**I have attached a detailed instructions document with guidelines, sample paper, and grading rubrics. please go through and follow these documents so that no repeated revision is required.
** Please avoid any plagiarism, grammar ands peelings mistake. It needs to be a good quality college level paper and worth the money I am paying.
** Number of sources can be between 6-10 , depending on how many you need. Just make sure they are official government or peer reviewed articles or journals.
**put the references used at the end of the order so I can access them too if needed. I have also provided some links and websites in guidelines document to help guide your research.


Energy profile of the US state, Oregon.
Energy profile of the Oregon and a list of criteria for choosing the best energy portfolio, as well as a list of references.  Please specify that your analysis focuses on electricity.  
Energy profile of Oregon
Detailed criteria for choosing the best energy portfolio
Specify in the paper along the way that your analysis focuses on electricity.  
List of references (as many as you need to complete the task).
An energy profile includes:
The types of various supply sources in the area’s energy mix for electricity, or for electricity and transportation (depending on which focus you choose), with percentages of each if available.  If not available, please state this explicitly or ask for help.  
Detailed descriptions of supply and demand policies in place that contribute to this energy portfolio.  Such policies include both ways in which the area obtains its energy supplies and formal governmental policies to alter energy supply and demand.  You can also include private sector energy initiatives if you wish.
Where the area gets its energy supply:  indigenous energy resources available, imports, etc.
The criteria for choosing the best profile includes:
An assessment of whether the current plan is ideal and why or why not from the perspective of the 3Es(energy security, environment, economics) and any other considerations you think are important. 
A description of criteria from the 3Es(energy security, environment, economics)  and other perspectives that you think the area should consider in crafting its ideal energy portfolio.  It can include whatever you think is important to the area’s optimal energy profile.  You are welcome to include ideas from the existing portfolio, as well as any plans the area already has regarding changing their energy portfolio (e.g., increases in renewables, diversification of resource suppliers, etc.), as long as you cite the documents in which you find them.  You also can add new ideas.  
Double-spaced. 12-point font in Times New Roman.
Please submit as a Word document.
Please write in full sentences
Please include page numbers on your assignment.
References(not included in page limit of order) and in-text citations in APA format.
Suggested link/site example for the Oregon state that might help this assignment :
Find more as you need 
Suggested Sites for Energy Supply and Demand Data
World Bank: 
International Energy Agency (IEA):  
U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA): 
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): 


Energy Profile of Oregon
EVPP 432-001
Oregon lies on the West Coast of the U.S., in the Pacific Northwest region. Much of its northern border with Washington state is delineated by the Columbia River, while its boundary with Idaho is by the Snake River. It is one of the few states with reliable and sustainable energy resources for its population, mainly associated with its abundant rainfall and mild climate (Walmsley et al., 2015). It experiences heavily sustained runoff from its snowpack in high, mountainous areas and high annual rainfall, enabling generations of substantial hydroelectric power. Large dams have been constructed along the Columbia River, and they produce enough electricity for Oregon and the entire Pacific Northwest region. There are also several promising areas of geothermal and wind energy development. The abundant rainfall and mild temperatures support tree growth and agricultural waste products, which produce adequate biomass that is used for power generation. The state has placed policies and regulations to support the sustainability of energy in the region. Although the policies have enhanced the sufficiency of the energy profile in the state, the existing policies can be reviewed to support more energy production and sustainability in Oregon.

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