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Critique Assignment. Social Sciences Assignment. (Essay Sample)


Students are asked to review one book chapter or article for each assignment and write a 4-5-page paper. Students should spend roughly two-thirds of their paper summarizing the chapter/article. Students should identify the most important points from the reading in their summary. The final third of the assignment should provide a critical analysis of the reading. If a student disagrees with the author(s) about anything, they should make this clear during this section.
Student should use APA style for citation.


Critique Assignment
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Critique Assignment
The chapter’s discussion is based on ‘Domesticating Nationalism.’ The author explains that human beings have always organized in tribes, families, principalities, cities, and religious communities. As such, the idea of a nation is not very natural. Although in the wake of French and American revolutions, the nation had become a powerful history driver, it significantly remained an elites’ project. According to the author, nationalism consists of destructive forces such as religious intolerance, ethnic hatred, destruction, and war. For example, people in a country define themselves as footballers, doers, thinkers, and residents or citizens of cities. However, they need to be themselves because the cultural differences between nations such as England and Germany, or France and Italy, are often small and depend on the language spoken by people, their cultural practices, and the type of food they eat among others.
Approximately five decades ago, the European Union faced increasingly multifaceted policy challenges and attempted to pull its resources together. The political leaders who engaged in integrating Europe were united, and as a result, the voters had to follow suit. Countries nearing Europe that had not been nationalist decided to join the club. 

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