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Lunar Observations and Imaging Life Sciences Lab Report (Lab Report Sample)


Week 4 Observations: Lunar Observations and Imaging (Lunar Treasure Hunt)

Astronomy 25 Section 61850

February 6, 2020

Allen Schiano, Lecturer and Richard Faulkner, Lab Technician


Purpose(s) of Lab:


            To study the surface of the Moon, pick three features on the Moon for imaging and further online/book research, and image them using the ZWO 193 Planetary Camera as an Imaging device.  In the process, practice creating and using astronomical images.


Apparatus used in the Lab:


We will make use of the following apparatus in the Field.


  • Meade 300mm Telescope located in the B300 courtyard.  We’ll image the Moon at f7 for a set of sections of the Moon with your selected Lunar features visible in the image.
  • Lab computers will be used in B316 to view Lunar maps via Google Earth/Moon and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) website.


Try to work in small groups of two or three when using the laptops and the s

Lunar Map data.  You won’t be as easily lost on the Dark Side of the Moon J


You will work in the same groups to image the moon and your Selected Features.


Task 1: We will image the moon at f7 with the 300mm telescope.   View the moon through the attached monitor.  Professor Schiano will share the images captured with you later to be included in your lab report.


Task 3:  We will meet in room B316 and learn to use the class laptops and the lunar maps provided by Google Earth, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), and other websites.


  1. Find three objects on the moon maps that you want to identify on the images that will be shared.  Determine the name of the feature and the general location of the object to be able to compare with the images.  You can view the websites on your own during the week.


Task 5:  Do research (online or not) on the Lunar Features you selected. Wikipedia has listing for most major features.  Use that research to describe the features in a paragraph of detail.

  1. Include properties such as size, depth, or height, etc. of the feature with any interesting details about the feature, e.g., Apollo 14 landed here!


On your Lab Report, include a printed version of your images.  Make sure you mark the Selected Features on all images included with the Lab Report!


Student Name
Submission Date
Lunar Observations and Imaging
The lunar surface is different from the Earth’s; unlike on the Earth, there is little or even no tectonic movement on the moon (Pajola et al. 73). The surface of the moon has remained the unchanged for billions of years and it lacks water and an atmosphere. The erosion, weathering, and processes like tectonic which take place on Earth are not present on the moon.
The moon’s surface also contains several features that are not found on Earth. Some of the most significant include seas, mountains, rills, craters, mountain ranges, and rays (Campbell et al. 27). These features are visible when the 300mm telescope is used for imaging the moon at f7.
Purpose of the Lab
The purpose of this experiment was to study the surface of the Moon, pick three features on the Moon for imaging and further online research, and image them using the ZWO 193 Planetary Camera as an Imaging device. The experiment was also aimed at helping learners to practice creating and using astronomical images.
Apparatus used in the Lab
The following apparatus were used in the field when conducting the experiment;

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