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Socrates and his method and his thought (Essay Sample)

PN: This is a personal essay not a research paper. It is very important to simple language not big words. It is an 100L Philosophy class, so there is no need for to much indept explanation. It should not exceed 3pages and there is no need to reference website pls just strictly the text we are using.I have attached the chapter he wants us to write about. I will attache a copy of the first paper I worte that was rejected along with the Professors comment so has to save as a guide. source..
Running head: PERSONAL ESSAY
Socrates and his method and his thought
Socrates and his method and his thought
The Socratic methods and thoughts are among the fundamental driving force for understanding and acquiring knowledge. Socrates was acknowledged for his engagement in conversations in public and private places. The concept of the Socratic methods and thoughts in his conversation where all centered in defining friendship, justice, courage and virtues. In the conversation, Socrates assumed the role of a student and allowed the people he was questioning to be the teacher. He however, reflected the prior knowledge of the subjects of discussion in the conversation and therefore he was more concern in having his methods understood and appreciated. This paper seeks to explain what the author has learned from the introduction to Socrates and his method and his thought.
The author of this paper acknowledges and appreciates the concept in the Socrates method of inquiry and debate which is involved between two individuals with different view points. In this concept, Socrates underscores the importance of asking and answering questions as a way of provoking critical thinking and highlighting the ideas in order to ensure that the conversation is effective. For instance, asking and answering questions in the author’s opinion promotes mutual openness between the participants and hence creating a good environment for learning and understanding. As a consequence, the participant’s altitude and behavioral patterns will reflect a sense of honesty and lack of pretence. The conversation as well as the learning process is therefore marked with nonm...
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