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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: Billions and Billions (Essay Sample)

Billions and Billions Questions for extra credit Please type your responses and use complete sentences. Turn it in to BB (or hard copy) by the end of the day on Tuesday, November 8 for full credit (5 points). 1) What does growth that is “more bacterial than primate” mean? 2) Why do small changes in birth rates have large impacts on population size? 3) What is a “green revolution”? 4) Do you think there is a limit to our ability to support an ever-increasing population? Why? source..

Life Sciences
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A population growth that is more bacterial than primate refers to the growth that occurs irrespective of the availability of the resources to sustain that population. The resultant pressure on these resources leads to hardships and famine that tends to lead to the ultimate suffering of the individuals manifested by poor living standards. This was a statement used by Edward O. Wilson to describe the world population growth of the 19th century. This was a time when the world experienced wars and hard economic times. Nevertheless, there was an immense population growth characteristic of bacteria which multiply exponentially until all the resources are depleted with competition for resources and death. Primate growth entails reproduction considering the resources available. It includes intense family planning strategies.
Small changes in birth rates have large impacts on population size because birth rate is on e of the major determinants of the overall population size. This is due to the fact that birth rate is expressed in terms of percentage of the existing population at a specific time. If the rate is translated into exact figures, large numbers of people result finally. Since this rate represents the births per 1000 women, any slight increase in this rate will thus lead to an immense rise in the population levels.
Green revolution refers to the combination of strategies spearheaded by Norman Borlaug that led to a massive increase in research and increase in food production in the world between 1940s and the late 1970s. This was accompanied by development and technological transfer activities that increased agricultural production to ameliorate the existing famine after the World War 2.
There is a li...
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