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Biomedical Engineering Research (Essay Sample)

Discover 3 academic and/or applied research projects that are being conducted on or off campus by faculty in your major either currently, and/or since 2000. Document in one paragraph each who is conducting the work, what is the project, where the research is happening, when the research is conducted, how the research is conducted, and why the research is being carried out. Please also include how the research project is funded. Information regarding the research done by LTU Professors can be found via the following link: http://bit(dot)ly/16i4YvE or in the LTU Library. Your final product should be a 1-2 page document with 3 or more paragraphs explaining each of the projects you discovered. Please complete your paper using 12 point Arial font and double spacing. Do not forget to use citations (MLA format) and remember to add the academic honor code to your assignment PLEASE RESEARCH ABOUT MY MAJOR Biomedical Engineering. NOTE: PLEASE I WANT VERY EASY WORDS AND MAKE SOME GRAMMAR MISTAKES source..
Biomedical Engineering Research Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Introduction Biomedical engineering research requires wide application of concepts and principles taught in the classroom and laboratory to provide solutions to existing problems in the healthcare sector. The research work that is conducted bridges the gap that exists between medicine and engineering. The field is relatively new in comparison to other engineering fields, and this has contributed to the increasing cases of research work being conducted. The Lawrence Technology University (LTU) has some of the most accomplished faculty members in the field. The paper discusses some of the research work that is being covered by some of the faculty members in collaboration with the students. Research work conducted by faculty members Dr. Eric Meyer is an Assistant Professor at the Lawrence Technology University under the department of Biomedical Engineering. The professor has undertaken several research projects in his career with peculiar interest in sports injuries that damage the anterior crucial ligament (ACL). He is currently undertaking a project to further his research on sports related injuries with the aim of establishing a way of preventing such injuries. The study is being conducted on knee and ankle injuries that are commonplace amongst athletes. The impact of the research if successful could be far-reaching in the advancement of the careers of different athletes. The professor with the aid of his students is conducting the research project. Student participation in the project is trough study projects that are directed. The research is being conducted within the institution with the aid of a three-dimensional computer model developed recently. The major reason for conducting the research is to understand the cause of the injuries to ensure that measures are taken to subvert them from occurring. The funding of the project is from the personal finances of the professor in collaboration with the department of Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Yawen Li is an assistant professor at the LTU in Biomedical Engineering under the Department of El...
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