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Life Sciences: Omalizumab / Xolair (Essay Sample)

This is a LITERATURE REVIEW about Omalizumab . The structure for it as follow:( subheading ) 1- Introduction : Clear and concise introduction of the topic. * Provides background information to introduce the topic and major issues or discoveries. * An explanation of the therapeutic moadlity of the biologic should also be described (i.e. how the biologic works to treat disease)Statements supported by references. * Overview of the report to follow to inform the reader of what will be covered in the following major sections. 2- Review ( as subheading to the follow ): 1- Review and critical evaluation of the research and 2- development leading to the discovery of the Omalizumab, 3- production processes, 4- clinical trials, 5- registration and 6- sales of the Omalizumab . 3- Conclusion: * Summary of the bioprocessing technology and its application to date. * Clear opinion on the status of the biotechnology and bioprocessing technology, * future application, impediments, and * social and ethical considerations to be taken into account if relevant. Reference : Inclusion of a correctly structured reference list for all articles used in the report. Consistent format in the style of a scientific journal. Sufficient references to support statements and facts in the introduction, review, case study, and conclusions. ( from 2009 - 2013 ) * Include table, diagrams, illustration . There is example with the order to give you an over view about the order , please do not use it . Thanks source..

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Omalizumab/ Xolair
Executive Summary
Omalizumab has proved to be the first biological medicinal procedure that has been used to treat asthmatic patients. Its development and consequent use was as a result of numerous scientific research and analysis. To determine its efficiency, a number of clinical trials were done involving many test subjects. The research was successful hence Omalizumab was put into use. However, its cost is relatively high and therefore it is only available to the few who can afford it (Busse et al., 2009). Many people in developing countries pass on due to severe allergic asthma due to the fact that they cannot afford Omalizumab to help cure their ailment.
Overview of article:
1. Introduction,
Concept Overview,
Asthma Overview
Description of Omalizumab
2. Review case study
a) Critical evaluation
b) Discovery of drug
c) Production process
d) Clinical trials
e) Registration of omalizumab
f) Cost
g) Sales
3. Conclusion
4. References
1. Introduction
Omalizumab is a humanized IgG monoclonal antibody (mAb). It is an immunoglobulin (Ig) used to counter attack allergies by cutting down the number of allergens in the body. IN essence, it slows down the reaction of the body to allergens that result to severe allergicasthma. In most cases, it is used in moderate or severe allergic asthma patients (Corren et al., 2011). It has passed its clinical trial and it now trades as Xolair.
Overview of Concept
In most cases, Omalizumab works by binding itself to immunoglobin (lg) E, an antibody that is involved in dealing with allergic reactions in the body and is approximately 149 kilodaltons in weight.Any allergic reaction will be characterized by an increase in the lgE production by the body (Humbert et al., 2011). In the end, the lgE therefore is prevented from attaching itself to other cells in the body that may cause allergic reactions. The attachment nature of Omalizumab helps to reduce the effect of responses to lgE without degranulation of the basophile that usually take place with the connection the lgE that is bound to the basophile.
Asthma Overview
Asthma has been a major disease for a long time thereby creating a heavy burden on numerous health care systems in the world.. Asthma is mainly characterized by atopy which has an etiologic role. It is estimated that about 60% of asthma cases and development are atopy related. Asthma is also believed to be causedby environmental and genetic factors.Pollution, chemicals and exposure to viruses as just examples of environmental factors that speed up asthma acquisition (Elvin et al., 2013). The chronic inflammation of the airwaves is what leads to contraction of the smooth muscles hence resulting to an asthmatic condition. People have different levels or stages of asthma, majorly moderate and severe or persistent asthma. The numbers o...
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