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DNA Discussion (Essay Sample)

Read the following article (3 pages long): http://www(dot)nature(dot)com/news/2011/111004/full/478017a.html State what you think of this. Would you want to participate in research? What if the researchers saw something unusual or alarming in your genes--should they tell you about their findings? source..
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DNA is an abbreviation for Deoxyribonucleic acid. It`s a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions which are used in the development and functioning of all living organisms. The segments of the DNA that carry this information are known as genes. DNA, RNA and PROTEINS are the major macromolecules essential for all forms of life.
Just as there are thousands of people signing up for the studies for their genome to be sequenced, I too think that it is a noble idea. This is because, if Lyon-who had been studying an extended family in which some of the boys had been born with a constellation of symptoms and who ultimately died of cardiac disease before their first birthdays- was allowed to disclose to the pregnant mother about her condition, and he knew from his study that the mother carried the mutation then the of her baby would have probably being prevented.
Despite the societal implication that such information may have, it is worth to have people alive and other issues can be solved later after a life has been saved. It is also the duty of researchers to ensure that they routinely conduct their studies in laboratories that have been certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments to ensure that the clinical test are accurate reliable and the results reach the participants soonest possible.
It is actually a heavy load to accept that one has something alarming in his genes, ...
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