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Algae Energy Farms (Essay Sample)

This essay is about how using Algae Energy to solve particular problem. You can chose a new technology involve Algae Energy Farms and answering these questions :( as subheading ) 1- how the technology works ? 2- how it was applied to solve a particular problem ? 3- what are the strengths AND weaknesses of the new technology relative to one other technology that is currently used to address the same problem ? IMPORTANT : This essay is mainly depend in selecting one peer reviewed scientific publication relevant to the topic . So, you will first chose one peer reviewed journal article then address the topic from this article. AND , please provide me with both order and ( the peer reviewed publication as link or PDF ). * 5 references from 2009 - 20013. There is an example attached for both essay and article but please do not use it. Also, task description is attached. Thanks source..
ALGAE ENERGY FARMS Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Design of a Novel Flat-plate Photobioreactor System for Green Algal Hydrogen Production The formal definition of Microalgae that is so far widely accepted by researchers and scientists is the cell factories driven by sunlight which convert CO2 to potential biofuels. Microalgae are used to produce several different types of renewable biofuels, and the idea of biofuels has been taken seriously due to the escalating fossil fuel prices. Moreover, there is emerging concerns of global warming that is associated with fossil fuel burning (Kumar, Dasgupta, Nayak, Lindblad, & Das, 2011).additionally, Biofuels have been defined as the type of fuel or combustible material which is renewable and which comes from plants and animals that have over 82% of their body being made up of renewable elements. To this end, the paper is written to study the effective production of microalgae in a tubular photobiotic reactor. The Technology The PBR (Photo-bioreactor) is a machine that was modeled with the purpose of developing a system which allows for rapid parameter measurements in the production of bio-hydrogen in standard pressure and temperature which are regulated laboratory conditions. In order to prevent any possible contamination that may result from the experiment, the reactor has been scientifically developed with a reactor having a vertical plate. In addition, the instrument has been design in a special way to support the experiment parameters which are light, agitation, mixing, temperature, dilution, and nutrient delivery. The machine is further designed in a way that allows illumination by use of LED array as well as the use of diaphragm in filling of the agitation requirements. The agitation requirements are turbulent flows of the liquid which is necessary for mixing the whole composition with a minimal stress level on the reactor. Measurement of the hydrogen amounts that have been produced is done by use of mass spectrometry with a membrane inlet. On the other hand, the value levels of the pO2 and H2 that have been produced is measured by use of commercial probes. I the final steps of the technology, there is the light meter which is used to measure the rat at which the culture in the experiment is growing as well as its optical thickness. According to studies, the primary compartment has the total capacity for is of one liter for the photo bioreactor. The most important idea in the design of this technology is to construct a machine that cannot under any circumstance permit the passage of hydrogen gas. Application The invention of photo-bioreactors was facilitated by the scientists desire to have an instrument which would produc...
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