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New Power Generation Technique (Essay Sample)

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(13 November 2012)
Modern Power Technique
The author review the first modern power generation technique was established by a professor of University of Texas at Arlington. He assisted in forming a nanomaterial hybrid that was used to transform thermal energy, as well as, light into current electrical. He worked with Professor Chen Wei from a university of UT Arlington, Que Long from Tech University and other students who had graduated to synthesize a mixture of copper sulfide nanoparticles and single walled carbon nanotubes.
He describes the use of nanomaterial to establish a prototype thermoelectric generator, with an aim of producing milliwatts. The invented technology was to be used in devices like sensors self powering, low-power electronic, as well as, implantable biomedical according to Chen point of view. Chen went ahead with his explanation, elaborating that if heat and light could be turned into electricity, the potential could increase the level of energy production. He as well pointed out that by adding micro-devices on chip, the modern technology might deliver a modern and efficient platform to replace the current solar cell technology. When an experiment was carried out the system was successful by 80 percent in light absorption compared to single walled nanotube thin film, thus making it more efficient generator.
In addition, he describes the modern technique is copper sulfide. It is cheaper and more environments friendly compared to the noble metals that are used in the same hybrids. It was established in October by Nanotechnology, who concluded that they could enhance thermal and optical effects of hybrid nanomaterial at a high rate by using a symmetric illumination other than symmetric illumination. At the same time, Jansma Pamela pointed out that Dr. Chen...
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