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The Evolution of the Exclusionary Rule. Law Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Assignment 1: 500 Words Discuss the Exclusionary Rule and its evolution. Include a discussion of the relevant amendments and cases that were heard by the Supreme Court involving this rule. Discuss how the “fruits of the poisonous tree” doctrine is a vital aspect of the exclusionary rule. What impact does the rule and doctrine have on law enforcement (police and the courts)


The Evolution of the Exclusionary Rule
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The Evolution of the Exclusionary Rule
Insofar as legal practice is concerned, the Exclusionary Rule has played a significant role in guaranteeing that citizens get a fair trial in court. By definition, this rule prevents any evidence collected in a manner that violates the constitutional rights of the defendant from being admissible in court (Maclin, 2013). In this sense, the litigation process can remain free and fair to all individuals, both defendants and plaintiffs. In another perspective, this rule serves to institute a sense of sobriety and ethical practice insofar as the police force is concerned. It, directly and indirectly, deters both police officers and prosecutors from illegally obtaining evidence in the name of justice and contravention of the Fifth Amendment, which protects from self-incrimination (Emanuel, 2009).

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