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John Wesley, A Plain Account of Christian Perfection. (Research Paper Sample)


Using the “Theologian Research Guide” posted on Blackboard, pick one theologian for each
paper whose name corresponds with the chosen topic. This individual’s writing will serve as primary source
material for this paper. Students are encouraged (but not required) to choose a figure that is part of his or her
denominational heritage or a topic of interest to his or her tradition. (6-7 pages total)
First, select one of the assigned author’s shorter writings (80-100 pages) appropriate to the assigned topic and
explore how s/he's work shaped the theological topic. Provide a summary of this material. It may be helpful to
refer to a systematic theology book (see “Systematic Theology Texts” for a list of books in our library), a
theological dictionary, or another author’s writing on the theologian. Such sources are intended to supplement
the student’s reading of the theologian, not replace reading the theologian. Students are not to use a writing that
is already part of the required course readings. (3 pages)
Second, interact with the theologian’s argument. Compare and contrast this with your own growing theological
perspective or tradition. (3 pages)
Third, respond to ONE of the following: (1/2 page)
• Refer to the journal question used during the week this theological topic was introduced in class. How
might this theologian respond to this question?
• Imagine a church or community of Christians shaped by this theologian's writings. What commitments,
values, or practices might characterize these people? In other words, how might this theologian shape
the lived theology of these people?


Professor’s Name:
John Wesley, A Plain Account of Christian Perfection
Part 1: Summary
Christian perfection is attainable according to Wesley. In his account of how he perceives the matters of the Godly kingdom, he thinks Christians should agonize and pursue perfection for that is what their Father expects of them. He defines perfection as ‘that love of God and our neighbor, which implies deliverance from all sin’ (51). Therefore, in his perception of how Christians should conduct themselves, he expects them to show total love for God such that they are unable to sin. It is a concept debated by many, but Wesley asserted that it is a requirement of the kingdom that was tasked to all Christians. He adds that Jesus would not suggest or expect Christians to achieve perfection if he knew they could not, hence it should be a goal envisioned by all Christians.

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