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Mercedes, Anna. “Christ as Chrism, Christ Given Away.” Dialog (Essay Sample)


Imagine you are talking to a friend and trying to explain the Chalcedonian definition (see below). Explain what it means using common words (i.e. without using words like "hypostatic union" or "communication of the attributes"). Use analogies, metaphors or examples as well as drawing directly from Johnson's chapter (reader) to construct a translation. Evaluate briefly (2 sentences) how this definition informs your understanding of the person of Christ. What questions remain?
Chalcedonian Definition: In agreement, then, with the holy fathers, we all unanimously teach that we should confess that our Lord Jesus Christ is one and the same Son, the same perfect in Godhead and the same perfect in manhood, truly God and truly man, the same of a rational soul and body, consubstantial with the Father in Godhead, and the same consubstantial with us in manhood, like us in all things except sin; begotten from the Father before the ages as regards His Godhead, and in the last days, the same, because of us and because of our salvation begotten from the Virgin Mary, the Theotokos, as regards His manhood; one and the same Christ, Son, Lord, only-begotten, made known in two natures without confusion, without change, without division, without separation, the difference of the natures being by no means removed because of the union, but the property of each nature being preserved and coalescing in one prosopon and one hypostasis — not parted or divided into two prosopa, but one and the same God, only- begotten, divine Word, the Lord Jesus Christ, as the prophets of old and Jesus Christ Himself have taught us about Him and the creed of our fathers has handed down.
A journal question for the weekly theological topic will draw on major themes from other common core
courses, contemporary political and ethical situations, perennial Christian debates, and common life
experiences. Each student will submit a 300-word journal in Blackboard that includes:
1) Substantive reflection on the weekly journal prompt.
• Substantive reflection entails following prompt instructions to examine, evaluate, and/or construct ideas
(not merely a personal response or “here’s what I think” statements).
2) Incorporation of two sources from the week’s lecture and study materials.
• Incorporating sources from the week enables students to bring ideas together, find connections, or
engage further with the material. Make a note of the source and page number is parenthesis after using
lecture and study materials. Due to the brief length of these posts, avoid extensive quotes. Instead, quote
helpful phrases or words.
The Journal prepares students for seminar discussions, develops the ability to utilize theological language and
ideas, and provides practice in constructing a theological response to a particular situation. Students are
responsible for bringing a paper or electronic copy to seminar for use in the discussion.
Instructors use the following rubric to assess journals:
5- Substantive reflection AND use of 2 sources from lecture/study folder
4- Insightful reflection and use of 1-2 sources
3- Minimal (or maybe adequate) reflection and minimal use of sources
2- Does not address the question of the prompt OR offers only personal opinion
1- Disregard for the assignment
0- Assignment not submitted


Student Name
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Christ Journal
Hi friend,
It is quite tricky and complicated for me to describe what Chalcedonian is. Various Christians have long puzzled it with other religious characters. According to the Bible, Jesus is not God’s son, but his co-eternal (meaning that just like God, Jesus will exist forever). He is perfect and has all powers needed for him to live forever. However, you must be clear with the fact that Jesus is not as powerful and influential as God, and we cannot call him as supernatural power. 

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