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How The Soundtracks Have Been Used In The Man Of Steel Film (Essay Sample)


I. You are to write a review of the background music of a motion picture of your choice which you will view sometime after the first day of class. The movie must have been viewed after the first day of classes. In other words, you must have these guidelines in mind when viewing the movie.

II. Grading: The grade for the report will be based on clarity, grammar, punctuation, style, the ability to write about music using appropriate terms, and completeness. Standard written English should be used for the report.

III. Objective: The purpose of the report is for you to watch a movie in a way that may be new to you—focusing on the music soundtrack rather than on elements of plot, scenery, and action—and to write a brief review of the role of the music in the movie.


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Movie review (Man of Steel)
The Man of Steel movie is a superhero film which is based on a Superman character. An energetic young man discovers that he has incredible and exceptional powers and he is not from this planet. He is determined to uncover and find where he came from and what his mission on earth is. Also, his hero nature has to unfold for him to save the world from destruction and wreckage and become the sign of hope to the people. Music in films plays a significant role in determining how the audiences react to specific scenes. Music has the ability to change the psychology of the viewers and this makes the films more dynamic and effective. This paper reviews how the soundtracks have been used in the Man of Steel film.
The aim and goal of every film artist or director are to express an idea or something about the world or themselves, which can be subconsciously or unintentionally done. Most importantly, the audience may encounter a personal connection which was not placed intentionally. Almost every fiction work contains one or more themes, the theme may be deliberate or not. The theme soundtrack of this movie is called "the flight" and is first heard when the superman first flies. The use of this music is effective in bringing hope to the world. The directors may have used this music effect to let the viewers and the audience have faith and hope that the Superman mi

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