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CRJ WK 1 Investigative Process to Solve a Case Law Essay (Essay Sample)


Identify and provide a summary of at least two steps in the investigative process. Concentrate on the steps that you feel are most important and crucial to the solvability of a case. In other words, what steps have the most impact on the officer's ability to figure out what happened? Can you think of an example that helps substantiate your position? Something from a real-world case, or maybe something from a popular television show/movie?


Investigative Process to Solve a Case
Investigative Process to Solve a Case
Solving a case is a process that involves understanding the issue, gathering evidence that would help identify the criminal, analyzing the evidence, coming up with a reasonable ground that will lead to the suspect being arrested, and finally charging him or her in a court of law. Immediately after a crime has been reported, police officers or the FBI go to the crime scene to collect evidence that might have been left by the criminal. This is an essential part of investigating a crime since the evidence will lead to the criminal and be used against them in the law court. The law enforcement has to immediately go to the crime scene to ensure that the evidence is not tampered with. With the evidence, the next step is to analyze it by taking the samples to a forensic l

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