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Effect of Declaration of Independence. History Essay (Essay Sample)


This paper is for a Core history class, and the topic I chose is “the impact of the deceleration of independence”. Please include various impacts and a little history/summary of what it was and how it impacted history and society at the time, and today. The paper has to be 5 pages in length (FULLY 5 PAGES NOT INCLUDING BIBLIOGRAPHY), double spaced, with no more than a 12-point font. Essay must have quotes from cites in the bibliography. I attached the cites that are already on the bibliography so no need to do more research, but if you need more information and use a cite that’s not listed in my bibliography please site it for me!
Thank you, message me if there’s any other questions.


Bibliography Editors. “Declaration of Independence.”, A&E Television Networks, 27 Oct. 2009, www(dot)history(dot)com/topics/american-revolution/declaration-of-independence.

“The Legacy of the Declaration.” Monticello, www(dot)monticello(dot)org/thomas-jefferson/jefferson-s-three-greatest-achievements/the-declaration/the-legacy-of-the-declaration/.

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“The Declaration of Independence: A History.” National Archives and Records Administration, National Archives and Records Administration, www(dot)archives(dot)gov/founding-docs/declaration-history.










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Effect of Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence was the main official information by a country’s people declaring their right to choose their government. After the equipped battle among sets of American settlers and British militaries began in around April 1775, the Americans were allegedly fighting for their human rights as issues of the British crest. “The American Revolution rose from the developing tensions among the people of Great Britain groups and the colonial administration that characterized the British crest” ( Editors).The battles amongst British armies and colonialist troops in Lexington and Concord ended the armed conflict, and by the following season, the groups for independence from Britain had developed. France joined the Revolutionary War on the sides of the colonials and turned civil war into global conflicts; French assistance helped the Continental military force, and the British surrendered. In June 1776, a five individual board comprising of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams were given a responsibility to draft an official statement of the colonies’ goals. Congress officially implemented the Declaration of independence, transcribed widely by Thomas on July 4, a period currently renowned as the natal of American independence.

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