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Modern Chinese History The Chinese Revolutions Of 1900s. History Essay (Essay Sample)


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Fall Semester 2019 Take-Home Essav ExaminationWrite a concise, coherent, and clear essay of three to five double-spaced, typed pages in length on the following topic:
Discuss the phenomenon of revolution in modern Chinese history through an evaluation of the 1911 and Chinese Communist revolutions. Use historical examples to support your assertions and arguments.
In the course of your essay be certain to address the following questions:
What is a revolution? How does it differ from reform?
Was a revolution necessary in China? Why not reform?
What kind of revolutions were they? How were they similar and different?
How do you assess the strengths and weaknesses of each?
In what ways did they change China?Note well:
Please include a cover page with the title of the essay, your full name, student number, and name and number of the course. The cover page and any ancillary pages containing notes and bibliographic information are not counted as one of the three to five pages of the essay.
Except for the cover page, paginate all the other pages. Please staple the pages together. Pages held together by spit, glue, paper clip or in some other insecure fashion will be penalized a letter grade.
Essays shorter than the minimum three full pages and longer than the maximum five full pages will be penalized a letter grade.
This essay is due in class on the last dav of the course For each day late, the essay will be penalized a letter grade.


The Chinese Revolutions of 1900s
The revolutions of 20th century China that helped shape the nation to what it is today can be broken down into three major events: The Chinese Revolution of 1911, the Northern Expedition of 1926, and the Chinese Communist Revolution that ended in 1949.
Although many events happened since the first revolution of 1911 up to the unification of the country under the Communist rule, these three revolutions have left lasting effects to the people and transitory governments that ruled the nation.
Encyclopedia Britannica defines revolution as constituting a challenge to the established political order and the eventual establishment of a new order radically different from the preceding one (Revolution). It is a reaction towards oppression, driven by a desire to change the status quo.
For all its worth, the Revolution of 1911 reflected this sentiment. The continuing widespread dissatisfaction with the Qing dynasty, rumors of corruption, coupled by their inability to stop foreign encroachment in the nation snowballed into a national revolt that finally put an end to China’s 4000 years of dynastic reign.

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