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Did containment shape American actions abroad? (Essay Sample)

The end of World War II brought about for many Americans an intense desire to return to normal life. It also brought about the confrontation with the Soviet Union and the beginning of the \"Cold\" war. -How did containment shape American actions abroad for almost half a century? -Where and how did we practice the policy of containment in the 1950s and 1960s? -Why did it become the dominant feature of American foreign policy after World War II? source..
Containment Name: Institution: How did containment shape American actions abroad for almost half a century?  During the Second World War the USA and the Soviet Union were allies. They both had emerged top of the power struggle and most of the Asian and European territories lay in ruins. It was during this time that the connections between the two superpowers broke, giving rise to the cold war. Under the presidency of harry Truman and two secretaries of the state; dean Acheson and George marshal, the USA set out to curtail the spread of communism abroad (Vietnam, Eastern Europe, Korea and China), otherwise known as the containment (Office of the historian, n.d). The idea was to reduce the influence that the Soviet Union to the other countries in the world. As part of its policies the USA went out of its way to make sure that the nations that were vulnerable in terms of economic stabilized. Most of its action during the containment, therefore involved strengthening nations abroad as a way of creating new allies. Where and how did we practice the policy of containment in the 1950s and 1960s?  In an act to contain the soviets influence, the USA funded the rebuilding process of the Turkish and Greek governments. These monies were drawn from the 400 million dollars that Truman has asked the congress to authorize (Boundless, n.d). The justification was that the free nations would ...
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