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“Wrong-ism” by Joseph Priestly,“The Death of Horatio Alger” by Paul Krugman. (Essay Sample)

I need an essay based on “Wrong-ism” by Joseph Priestly,“The Death of Horatio Alger” by Paul Krugman. 1. Write an informative (expository) paper that is fully developed. It must have a revealing introduction, a strong thesis statement with a blueprint, a well-developed body of no fewer than three paragraphs, and a conclusion that does more than repeat the thesis. Above all, the paper must have something of value to "say". 2. Include at least two carefully chosen, properly introduced and terminated quotations from each of the essays. 3. Include at least two carefully chosen paraphrases as well, also applying the concept of full citation. 4. Apply MLA style to format the paper and prepare a Work Cited page. 5. Apply the rules of Standard English; while limited use of first person is allowed, second person is not (Do not use you or your; do not use commands) source..
Name: Instructor: Course unit: Date of submission: Wrong-ism” by Joseph Priestley, “The Death of Horatio Alger” by Paul Krugman The stability of a society is vital to the growth and political economy of a nation nationalism and class inequality may bring disunity among people. The idea of wrong -ism by Joseph Priestley supposes that nationalism is harmful to the society since it relates to the ambition of amassing more power. Paul Krugman stated that the lack of social mobility hampers the achievement of better standards of living in America, as the American Dream is now a mirage. Even though, both authors wrote during different times, they both focus on issues that affect the politics and economics of the societies. This paper highlights on the notion of wrong-ism, impact of nationalism on labor mobility and impact of widening income inequality on social mobility. Following World War 2, there was nuclear arms proliferation and Priestley wrote on wrong-ism focusing on the related issues of internationalism, nationalism, and regionalism. Because of regionalism, there is promotion of culture in a region and people understand their roots better. Internationalism creates a better global society through civilization. To Priestley, there was no need for more nuclear weapons as this would hinder both regionalism and internationalism. Furthermore, the proliferation of nuclear weapons coincided with the growth of nationalism. Nationalism was inherently destructive to societies, as aggressive naked ambition became stronger destroying the positive aspects of regionalism and internationalism. In making the distinction between regionalism and nationalism, it is necessary to point out that nationalism impedes world civilization (Priestley 257). Priestley mentions the isms, but focuses more on nationalism, as people fight often because of power rather than regionalism and internationalism (255). Nonetheless, the author disregards the role of nationalism and instead states ...
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