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Trustco Bank, NY (Essay Sample)

A two page paper on why do you want to work for Trustco Bank in NY versus other banks such as HSBC? Give key positives points focusing on Trustco Bank. source..
Name of student Name of institution Course: Date due Trustco Bank, NY The Bank Has a Rich History Trustco Bank in NY, which is a commercial bank in the United States, has a rich history. The bank traces its origin in the Schenectady part of New York as early as 1902. For all those decades, Trustco Bank has gone through thick and thin, both in terms of politics and economy. Some of the major events that have made a huge impact on the bank include the economic depression of the 1930’s, World War 2 and the treacherous period that followed after the war. The American version of HSBC was formed in 1966; hence the bank is not as experienced in the American market as Trustco Bank in NY (Trustco Bank, 1-14). You Can Trust Them Being well versed in the banking sector gives Trustco Bank in NY more reliability than other banks which are younger. Since Trustco bank has gone through major crises and still survived, I trust it and choose it as my employer (Trustco Bank, 1-14). Several Accolades In 2007, Trustco Bank was one of the six best in its peer industry as listed by the reputable US bank magazine. This was a great feat considering that 200 of the best mid-tier banks in the United States were involved in the survey. Although this was some years ago, the bank has continued to grow steadily. For any institution, such an accomplishment is an evidence and reinforcement of several things going well, whether in the quality of products, financial standing or even corporate responsibility (Trustco Bank, 1-14). Apart from that glimpse into the past, Trustco Bank has continued to receive awards for its exemplary performance as compared to its rivals. Just recently, Trustco Bank in NY received a 5-star rating from the bank rating company, Bauer Financial, Inc. From these highlights about the bank, who wouldn’t want to work with them? Reviews Don’t Lie And from the reviews, it is evident that the bank presents the best launching pad for those starting their careers in banking. Although one of the reviews says the schedules are inconsistent and the pay is low, I like the way their managers are willing to offer training to newcomers. I am not sure the other banks are so friendly to new employees (Trustco Bank, 1-14). Friendliness at the Workplace The environment at work is always a very important consideration if an employee is to give their best. Trustco Bank NY is one the best places where one can greatly enhance their careers in any of the many departments in the bank. To add to the great management in this firm, the co-workers are very wonderful and embrace the concept of team work. Probably this is one of the reasons the firm has remained intact even in the face of economic downturns (Trustco Bank, 1-14). Attractive Bank Loan Profile Another thing that makes me prefer Trustco Bank NY to others is its bank loan profile. The bank offers many bank portfolios most of which perform very well in the market. Only the credit card loans seem to be poorly received...
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