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The Milgrams Experiment (Essay Sample)

This is a very simple assigment you only need to make a comment (half page each) of two discussion posted by my classmates. I will upload the 2 discussions for you. Thank you so much source..
The Milgrams Experiment Name: Institution: Date: THE MILGRAMS EXPERIMENT In response to the first discussion, human life is very precious and should be guarded at all cost in whatever way possible. The holocaust was a devastating act that left masses of dead people lying all over. Milgram examined the justification for genocide offered by those at the World War 2 and to his shock; their defense was that they were just following orders from higher authorities. The experiment he carried out showed that ordinary people can inflict pain on other people having given orders from higher authority. This explains why the Eichmann and his accomplishes went on with the mission of the holocaust. Find herein the holocaust discussion comment. In response to the second discussion, Eichmann’s defense saying that he was just following orders i...
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