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Canada’s Role In The Coming War: German Aggression (Essay Sample)


The year is 1939. There is a growing feeling of unrest in the international community and it is becoming increasingly apparent that war is at hand. Canadian politicians are divided on what role, if any, Canada should play if war breaks out.
Place yourself in the year and time. Considering the many issues, what you think Canada should do?
A Few Factors to Consider
The First World War
The rise of Nazi Germany
The violation of the Treaty of Versailles
The claim that the Treaty of Versailles was too harsh
The League of Nations
The Rise of Communism
The Spanish Civil War
Italy's Invasion of Ethiopia
Fear of Conscription
Canada's size
Canada-British relations
Alternative methods of dealing with the conflict
Write a minimum one-page (double-spaced) persuasive essay outlining your opinion on Canada's role in the war to come. Support your ideas with reference to at least THREE of the above factors.
REMEMBER: the year is 1939. You are NOT aware of anything that happened after this date!


Canada’s role in the coming war.
Student’s name
Canada’ Role In The Coming War
With the increasing German aggression, there is an increasing uncertainty, the likelihood of war breaking out is high. Canada already suffered several losses with the air force has less than twenty modern aircraft and our Navy has a total of six destroyers, this limits our fighting capabilities. However, there are more factors to be considered that will directly affect us when the war breaks out.
Why Canada is compelled to get involved
In case the British declare war on the Germans, Canada will be affected and needs to take a stand because we are allies of the British and need to show

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