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Final PF: Experiences After A Global Nuclear War (Essay Sample)


Just write a nonfiction, and please don't write a letter for nonfiction, is do can use some news or stories changed to the nonfiction.


Final PF


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Final PF

For more than 70 years after the first atomic bomb devastated the regions of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, there is still a threat a global threat of weapons of mass destruction across the globe. Many countries, including superpowers and upcoming nations such as India and China are actively investing and emerging as nuclear powers, while others, such as Iran and North Korea have received substantial public and international criticism due to their progression in developing nuclear weapons. As the struggle to denaturalize nations that pose a threat to the human race increases, there are tensions that might lead to catastrophic results if these weapons are put to use. Furthermore, many commenters suggest that the third world war will be intense and could lead to a compromise of the existence of not only wildlife but also the human race. Although the consequence might not be directly experienced from the bombing, other parts of the world will experience economic challenges that will lead to inter-country and civil wars that will ultimately lead to their downfall. These consequences are evident in numerous simulations that have been developed over time, as well as fictional entertainment programs that include movies and TV series. In this light, there is an opportunity to develop a fictional perception of the global situation that might be experienced after a nuclear war. Interestingly, many projections show that after the third world war, the globe will be transformed into an apocalyptic situation, where people struggle for survival while battling the impacts emerging form climatic, societal, political, and economic change. Drawing from these insights, the intent of this paper is to present a theoretical conceptualization of the experiences after a global nuclear war.

The United Nations allude that there are more than 22,000 active nuclear weapons across the globe. Although there has been progress in trying to calm the situation in the recent past, nations such as North Korea, USA, and Russia continue to trade threats, which creates the perception that a nuclear attack is imminent and not an impossibility as many people would like to think. The prevailing situation raises the question, what would a nuclear war look like and what could be the aftermath. Although the impact can be understood from the lessons in Japan, the development of weapons and technology shows that there are greater consequences. Drawing from various facts and insights from movies and television, the immediate impact of a nuclear bomb is mass death from the explosion that can wipe out cities within minutes. The fireball, which is often described as hot and radiating than any other chemical explosion is likely to wipe out any living thing and structures as it expands outwards. The immense loss of life is likely to multiply as the affected nations retaliate, including the

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