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Nuclear Bomb Debate: Japan during World War 2 (Essay Sample)


Make an argument for the debate of whether the nuclear weapon should be used against Japan during WW2, the argument should be focusing on the morality aspect argument which is against the use of nuclear weapon. Make sure to include the following ideas:
1.the inhumane of nuclear weapon;
2.the irreversible damages as well as environmental damages in both long and short term views;
3.number of death on civilians; the death of civilians serves as a precedent and at the same time a physiological threat;
5.the purpose of dropping the bomb serves as a threat towards the regime authorities by using the lives of civilians;
6.opened up a new form of warfare therefore causing thecae of Cold War that both the soviet and US aims for the major cities;
7.einstein's regret quote;
8.connection to the North Korea problem earlier: if the bomb is in the wrong hands, what could possibly happens.


Nuclear Bomb Debate




The nuclear bombs (A-bombs) dropped in Japan during World War 2 are indiscriminate affecting the civilians, innocents besides the military. At the same time, the bombs killed people then and generations after including the unborn. As such, the proliferation of nuclear arms is a threat to world peace and such an indiscriminate weapon has more devastating impact on non-combatants who have nothing to do with the war. Even as Japan attacked first attacked the U.S. the loss of life and property on the Japanese side was higher. The action of using nuclear bombs on Japan during World War 2 was is immoral, and inhumane with the impact immediate and long-term.

There were irreversible damages in the short term and long term with many still suffering the effects of radiation poisoning. Additionally, at the time the number of deaths was thousands, and these were mainly the non-combatants. Since it is mainly civilians who died, were hurt and affected by the nuclear bomb, and many died immediately given that the bomb was the most powerful ever developed at the time (Feis, 2015). The atomic bomb disrupted all major functions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki including the emergency response that was required for victims. Many of the survivors including unborn babies later developed complications such as deformities, cancer related complications and intellectual impairment.

The destruction caused by the atomic bombs in Japan displayed America

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