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Civil Rights in The Post-War World: United States (Essay Sample)


In an concise essay of at least 800 words describe the struggle for human rights in the post-war world, including the civil rights movement in:
*the United States (Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, etc.)
*the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa (Nelson Mandela)
*China (Tiananmen Square, Tibet, Falun Gong (Dafa), etc.)
*Please include a work cited page, and do not cite in text*
*Please use websites that I can access as reference ex. Encyclopedias,, etc.


Civil Rights in The Post-War World
The struggle for human rights is as old as civilization itself. Throughout history, some people have always considered more superior or more precious than others depending on various reasons. These reasons are social status, economic class, political background, nationality and skin color among many others. The most conspicuous form of human right violation throughout history has been on the basis of skin color where the blacks were considered less of human beings by their fellow white counterparts. Dating back to the ancient time in history, black oppression was considered a norm by the whites. The black community had no one to advocate their needs and demand their rights from the white community. It is until the end of the world wars that the black community had an opportunity to speak against the oppressing whites all around the world. The whites’ colonies in Africa started opposing the whites who had already settled in most countries. Other parts that were blacks oppressed were the white-dominated countries like the United States where blacks were highly discriminated by the native whites. Influential and very charismatic black personalities, individuals like Martin Luther King Jr came to the rescue of the black community and pushed for equal rights for the blacks. These individuals who advocated for blacks used various strategies like civil rights movements to help spark some unity in the fight for their rights. These individuals faced fierce opposition from the whites which included physical torture, being jailed, and for most of them the ultimate price of their lives.
The United States of America has been on the front line of advocating for democracy in the other countries. The civil rights movement (1954-1968) in America was a movement that sought to secure the African-American some legal rights that their White countrymen already held. The human rights of every citizen being at the core of democracy which the United States preached to the world made the United States an obvious target for the civil rights movement. Some of the major players in the United States civil rights advocacy were Baptist ministers and human rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. He became the civil rights leader and spokesman in 1954 until he was assassinated in 1968. Martin Luther King used a non-violent strategy and tactics to propagate civil rights obedience. He used his Christian beliefs and aspiration from other renowned world readers like Mahatma Gandhi to push for civil rights in the United States. Th

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