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Michelle Alexander: Drug War Racism (Coursework Sample)


View the link above and answer the following questions:
1.) What is the argument Alexander makes in her book about mass incarceration and the drug war?
2.) What does Alexander mean when she says, “Today, it is perfectly legal to discriminate against criminals in nearly all the ways it used to be legal to discriminate against African Americans.” Give two examples that Alexander uses to support this statement.
3.) Why are rising crime rates NOT related to skyrocketing incarceration rates?
4.) Do you agree or disagree with Michelle Alexander's argument? Respond using data and evidence to support your argument.
These are short answer questions. You do not need to write an essay about it, just watch the video and answer these questions. For each question, please write 3-5 sentences.


Michelle Alexander: Drug War Racism
In her argument, Alexander bring out the fact that the discrimination practices are now entrenched in the pretense that is the drug war, where the African Americans and Latinos are constantly incarcerated. This a well-crafted discriminative approach, as Alexander cites that, the majority of the drug users are actually the whites. Ironically, it is the African Americans and the Latinos that pay the price. It is for this reason that the prison systems are filled with African Americans and the Latinos, while the whites go free.
Alexander is very keen to point out that the level of discrimination that s found hidden in the justice system is vile that, it now legal to discriminate. In an example she mentions a few ways in which once one is labeled a criminal they are deprived of their rights

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