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Article Review History Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)



Writing Assignment : Article review



In this assignment, you will need to write a review of the article indicated below:


Peter Holquist, “Violent Russia, Deadly Marxism: Russia in the Epoch of Violence, 1905-21.”

In Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History, vol. 4, no. 3 (Summer 2003): 627-52.


The article is accessible online via the Project Muse database (go to the Dalhousie Libraries website à Dal Electronic Resources à Databases à Project Muse)


or directly via the following web link:


In the review, you should summarize and analyze the author’s principal arguments, paying attention to: 1. the main ideas and structure of the article; 2. the evidence the author employs; 3. the persuasiveness of the author’s argument; and 4. your idea of the article’s significance for its historical field.


I will evaluate your review on the basis of the following criteria: a) how effectively you convey and assess the author’s principal ideas, structure of the article, and its evidentiary basis; b) how sensitively you read the article for nuances of argument and the author’s work with evidence; and c) how cogent and clear your writing is.


Your review needs to be 2-3 double-spaced pages (font 12) of text in length. Use the Microsoft Word format (no PDF files, please).







Article Review
“Violent Russia, Deadly Marxism: Russia in the Epoch of Violence, 1905-21” by Peter Holquist, examines why the Russian Revolution is an important topic when it comes to modern political violence. The author also seeks to provide a diverse geographic and chronological framework for the violence of the Russian Revolution. In the article, theories unfold to scrutinize all angles the war seemed to have been triggered. An example of a theory that has been used is the theory of circumstances. The author asserts that this theory presents the Russian Revolution as a specific feature of Russia. Violence was a crucial aspect of the Russian Revolution. Both circumstantial and ideological have been discussed by the author. According to Holquist (2003), structures of the regimes differed and so did the notions in the European traditions and cultures held dearly by inhabitants. Further, controversies on whether these norms would lead to war are explored in this paper.
According to Holquist (2003), Buldakov's utterances in "The Red Times of Troubles" reveal a patriarchal structure of the era in Russia one characterized by peasant ideas. Circumstantial waves imbued with psycho-social aspects of the rustic mindset brought tidal instances of violence and terror.

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