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My Analysis Of 12 Years A Slave: Freedom In Solomon ’s Life (Essay Sample)


Based on the film, what was the most shocking thing you learned about life as a slave?
Define the concept of freedom in Solomon ’s life and experience.
How does Solomon refuse to be dehumanized by dehumanizing circumstances?
How are whites depicted in the film mutually affected by the system of slavery?
Solomon Northup never gave up hope of regaining his freedom and resisted enslavement in many ways. How did he and other slaves resist slavery?
How do women serve as a measure for the nature of slavery? How would you characterize someone like Eliza or Patsy?
Are women more or less vulnerable than men to the brutality of a slave society, or is it a different kind of vulnerability altogether? What advantages or disadvantages might enslaved women have over enslaved men?
Is it possible for a slave owner to love a slave (his property)? Did Epps love Patsy? Did Thomas Jefferson love Sally Hemmings?


12 Years a Slave.
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Steve McQueen’s Oscar awarded film, 12 Years a Slave is a true story representation of the life and experience of an African American, Solomon Northup, in Antebellum New York, who was fought, drugged and sold in to slavery in the Deep South region for twelve years (Gates & McQueen, 2014). In the film, although the buzz of the awe-inspiring role play of characters and the numerous emotions emanating from every scene, there are some basic but most shocking lessons I learnt while watching and analyzing the film. One of them is that the sight of an African American family led by a responsible, respectable black man, can be shocking and catalytic basing this on the fact that they are seen as criminals and negative influences in the society. Another thing is that in the past, even to this date, the Bible is still deliberately used to control, command and manipulate the less privileged, the faithful and the unsuspecting (Gates & McQueen, 2014).
Solomon Northup, portrayed by Chiwetel Ejifor never gave up hope on the concept of freedom and that he would one day be let free by his slave masters. His life and experiences is full of hope and attempts to be rescued from the slavery alongside his fellows working in the Epps plantation (Gates & McQueen, 2014). Moreover, Solomon Northup experiences numerous situations of white dehumanization but he resists them. After being intoxicated and made a slave, Solomon finds himself in a dungeon full of vomit and mud when Burch enters. He fights Burch and resists his demands with the aim of restoring his dignity as a free man. Secondly, in the animal pen among pigs, Solomon refuses to be stripped in front of other slaves, he refuses to be harshly spread with soap and water (Gates & McQueen, 2014)

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