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History Essay: The Compromise of 1850 (Essay Sample)


This SHORT essay should be no more than 2 paragraphs with a THESIS as the first sentence in the first paragraph. This section is worth 20%.
1. Why was the Compromise of 1850 needed? What does it do? And is it successful?
2. What led to Bleeding Kansas? How does popular sovereignty and the Calhoun Doctrine figure into scenario? Why is it important?


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History Essay

The Compromise of 1850 was needed to achieve temporary political balance on the issue of slavery and address the issue of new lands acquired after the Mexican-American war. It also led to the decision of popular sovereignty on slavery that contributed to similar demands for Kansas territory leading to violence termed as Bleeding Kansans. The issue of admitting the newly acquired lands from the Mexican-American war as either free or slave states had become increasingly heated. The south was furious when President Zachary Taylor declared California wanted to be admitted into the Union as a free state. When Taylor died a few months later, a compromise was needed to calm the two factions (North and South). Kentucky Senator Henr

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